Food and Nutrition

Resources to find and afford healthy foods

SNAP application
See if you qualify for financial help to buy healthy foods.

Twin Cities Mobile Market
A grocery store on wheels that brings healthy food options to neighborhoods with few grocery shopping options. Anyone can shop!

Food shelves
Help is available across the state for those who need food assistance.

Fare for All
Find a location where you can buy low-cost food packs with healthy meats and produce.

Minnesota Grown Foods and Minnesota Farmers' Markets
Find locally grown foods.

Planning and preparing healthy meals

How to shop on a budget (external link)
University of Minnesota Extension

Eat Smart and Stretch your Food Dollars ​(external link)

Try the Mayo Clinic Healthy Recipes (external link)

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables (PDF)

Tools and Calculators

Calculate your Weight with the Calorie Counter (external link)

Calculate Your Body Fat (external link)

Eat Smarter - Track your Daily Intake (external link)


Member programs

Healthy Savings
Save up to $200 a month on pre-qualified healthy foods including milk, lean meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables and more. Download the free app, scan it at check-out and get instant discounts.

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