Come to a Medicare Meetup and get all your questions answered.

RSVP at 612-676-3500 or 1-877-523-1518 toll free, 8 am to 8 pm.

Medicare is complicated.

We simplify it so you can feel confident choosing a plan that’s right for you.

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612-676-3500 or 1-877-523-1518 toll free
8 am to 8 pm

UCare Member Quote

"One of the most beneficial and straightforward events I’ve attended in the last six months. There was no pressure, and I got the facts and information I needed to evaluate Medicare plans."

– J.R. Rochester, MN

What to expect

At the Medicare Meetup, you'll discover:


How to choose the right plan for you


How Medicare works


What Medicare covers


When to enroll


What our UCare plans cover

UCare Medicare Plans



Preventive dental benefits
Most plans include preventive dental care with an option to add more comprehensive dental coverage.


SilverSneakers® fitness program
Get a free basic fitness membership at more than 14,000 locations in the SilverSneakers network.


Travel benefits
You’ll have Medicare coverage wherever you travel in the U.S. and emergency coverage worldwide.


Prescription savings
Pay less for your drugs at preferred pharmacies.


Vision and hearing benefits
Our plans include extras like hearing, vision and eyewear benefits.

Interested in EssentiaCare?

We’re holding Medicare Meetups in the northland.
Learn more about our EssentiaCare plans.

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Join us at an Enrollment Fair!

Ready to enroll in a UCare Medicare plan? Our licensed Medicare sales specialists will be on hand to walk you through the enrollment process.

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A sales person will be present with information and applications. For accommodations of persons with special needs at sales meetings, call 1-877-523-1518 toll free (TTY: 1-800-688-2534 toll free). We are available from 8 am to 8 pm, daily.

Please note: We will not discuss specifics of our health plan options during the Medicare Basics meetings. However, because a sales person will be present with information and applications, they’re defined by Medicare as sales events.

Caumaile, sales, at a Medicare Meetup

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November 2018


Call us at 612-676-6867 or 1-888-285-2323 toll free
(TTY: 1-800-688-2534 toll free)
8 am to 8 pm, daily.

Find a Medicare Meetup
Find a Medicare Meetup

Find a Medicare meeting near you

Medicare Basics Meetings

Medicare for beginners – Learn about the basics of Medicare and more.


UCare Medicare Meetups

Plan choices and benefits – Explore the advantages of UCare Medicare plans.

What happens in these meetings?

During our information meetings, we’ll review the benefits for each of our plan options, so you can choose the plan that fits your needs. Get your questions answered by a Medicare specialist who listens and cares.

  • Overview of Medicare - parts A, B, C, and D
  • Hear about the differences between plans
  • Learn how to pick the right plan for you
  • Get enrollment timelines, tips and reminders
  • Q & A


Call us at 1-888-236-1107
(TTY: 1-800-688-2534)
8 am to 8 pm, daily

Join us at an Enrollment Fair